Commissioned for a 2014 festival concert in Härnösand Theatre, a setting for orchestra and double chorus of the poem Storm Ending by African American novelist and poet Jean Toomer. Recorded live at the premiere performance, conducted by Jon Terje Svendsen and performed by the Nordic Chamber Orchestra with students from the Kapellsberg School of Music and the Music Department at Härnösand Secondary School.


Kromaia is an immersive 360° degrees of freedom shooter, a journey that mixes technology and mythology for an innovative gameplay experience. Explore new worlds protected by giant godlike guardians, filled with ancient temple ruins, puzzles to solve and treasures to collect. Play it now on Windows (get it on GOG or Steam) or PS4.

Me and My Dinosaur

Me and My Dinousar is a whimsical, hand-drawn puzzle-platforming adventure game. Play as Hunter and his pet dinosaur Rex, switching between them to solve puzzles, sneak past enemies or barrel past obstacles. Add a second controller for instant couch co-op at any time. In development for Windows, Mac and PS4.