[David Saulesco’s] Christmas Oratorio attracts both existing audiences and those who don’t usually go to church concerts. The music is fresh and interesting but still easily grasped, and his texts speak to everybody.

Helén Lundquist-Dahlén


Cover photo for the Christmas oratorio (photo by Phil Hart)

The premieres of my Christmas Oratorio in Själevad Church and Härnösand Cathedral in December 2013 were met with standing ovations and excellent reviews. It is a bold reinterpretation of the story of the birth of Jesus, combining the Bible’s two different nativity tales with contemporary historical research, presenting the familiar story in an entirely new light. I bring the people near Jesus to life, with all their hopes and worries, and put them in a historical context. By doing this, I want to highlight new aspects of the story and to make it more relatable to a contemporary audience of all faiths.

Gehrmans MusikförlagNow, the work has been published by Nordic music publisher Gehrmans Musikförlag and the score is available for purchase from their website.

The Video Game Orchestra performing Ivalice Medley

This dramatic, evocative medley featuring music from Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII was written under a tight deadline of a few days only. It was commissioned by the Video Game Orchestra for their 2012 concert in the historic Boston Symphony Hall. The medley focuses on the music of Hitoshi Sakimoto, who was in attendance for the concert.

Video Game Orchestra logotypeGame music concerts have since the turn of the millennium become major recurring events in concert halls worldwide. The Video Game Orchestra is an internationally touring ensemble and has also recorded music for the Square-Enix game ”Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”.

The musical craftsmanship convincingly displays David Saulesco’s individuality and honed skills as a composer.

Greger Jakobsson


Perpetuum Jazzile performing Jump For My Love

The internationally reknowned super-group Perpetuum Jazzile is a vocal ensemble like no other. Their repertoire covers everything from ABBA to Van Halen and their contagious energy move your heart as well as your feet. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with them several times.

This is my most recent arrangement, the Pointer Sisters’ smash hit ”Jump (For My Love)”. Another arrangement I’ve written for Perpetuum Jazzile is also available on YouTube: Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s ”Telephone”.

Perpetuum Jazzile logotype

Karin Thulemark and the Karlshamn Symphony Orchestra performing Counting Miracles

This was the 48th year of the Baltic Festival, an international music and arts festival held in the port city of Karlshamn in southern Sweden. The festival features artists from the Baltic countries and promotes communication and collaboration across the Baltic Sea. The festival’s four days are filled with concerts, performances, markets and plenty of other events.

I wrote orchestral arrangements for the concert that were performed by Karlshamn Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Wieska Szymczynska. This video clip shows one of the songs I arranged, ”Counting Miracles”.

It is in [Eternal Daughter 10th Anniversary Original Soundtrack]’s diversity that you truly find what is so affectionately touching. The music and compositions are great and should fall in taste to every game music fan out there.

Audun Sørlie

Original Sound Version